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     Anhui Huaxing intelligent parking equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in intelligent parking equipment research and development, design, production, manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance, operation and management of investment in one of the high-tech enterprises, and the establishment of intelligent parking equipment engineering technology research center.

    With 59 national patents, especially the advanced safety automatic flexible carrier vehicle technology, anti fall device and stroke control device, many patents have filled the blank of the domestic market.

    Anhui Huaxing intelligent parking equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Hefei city of circular economy demonstration garden Tiangong Road No. 1, the number of employees / technical personnel number: 413 /42, professor level senior engineer and 11 industry experts, 2 people, is the industry standard setting unit parking equipment.

    Anhui Huaxing intelligent parking equipment Co。, Ltd。 was established in January 2009。 It is a private high-tech enterprise engaged in industry, University, research and research cooperation with University of Science & Technology China, HeFei University of Technology and many other institutions of higher learning。



     Anhui is the only "Huaxing intelligent parking equipment engineering technology research center", and won the "national top twenty parking equipment industry", "national health cup", "famous brand of Anhui province", "Anhui famous trademark", "Anhui Province Industrial Design Center, Anhui provincial enterprise technology center, Anhui Provincial Quality Award", "Anhui province trustworthy enterprise", "Anhui Province, the new special expertise enterprise", "Anhui province Parking Service Industry Association vice president of units", "intellectual property demonstration enterprise", "science and Technology Progress Award" honorary title, but also the national parking equipment industry standard units.

     The company is located in the city of Hefei circular economy demonstration Park No. 1 Tianyuan Road, covers an area of 20 square meters, the company introduced the most advanced international six auto production lines in China parking equipment industry, the production equipment is the most advanced; has formed an annual output of 80000 parking capacity, two plants are actively in the construction of the construction. After the completion, will form an annual output of 210000 parking capacity, will become the largest Chinese intelligent parking equipment industry base. The technology at the industry level; in order to ensure the core competitiveness of products, the company in cooperation with University of Science & Technology China to establish a joint laboratory and post doctoral workstations, to further enhance the convenience of intelligent products and user experience.

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